We create beautiful & luxurious surfaces which reflect your ideas, vision, identities and values. We use a variety of textures, patterns and effects to produce stunning surfaces.


We have a successful track record in the design, manufacture, engineering and supply of architectural surfaces and products.  At Graphic Relief we pride ourselves in  completing projects to the highest standards.


Working with digital images, we manipulate & translate the artwork to achieve the look & feel our clients desire. Artwork can be supplied by you, your clients or we can do it for you. We work with most major image formats.


Our work is bespoke and we work closely with our clients to achieve their creative vision. We combine art, design, creative flair, manufacturing and engineering to develop unique and beautiful surfaces.


Our proprietary moulding technology can be used to produce a wide range of surfaces textures & effects, including beautiful patterns, graphics and photographic detail.


Our moulding technology is particularly well suited to materials which can be cast. These include concrete, metal faced concrete and cast metals. We also have experience of a wide range of other materials. 


Metal Finishes

We can manufacture surfaces using a variety of different techniques and processes to achieve a wide range of different textures and effects. The surfaces we supply can be in a range of metals, metal-faced concrete, or liquid metal coated substrates.

Cast metals

We have produced cast aluminium, bronze and zinc surfaces. For a prestigious fashion house we produced over 180m2 of sandcast aluminium surfaces which were textured and finished with a bronze finish.

Metal-faced concrete

By combining metal powders with concrete we can produce metal-faced concrete which has the look and feel of a variety of different metals. By using relief moulds, we create luxurious and beautiful metallic surfaces by combining our moulding technology with our expertise in casting and manufacturing.

Liquid metal surfaces

Using ‘liquid metal’ techniques either sprayed or poured into our moulds we can achieve much better results with minimal loss of detail compared to approaches which coat the surface. The liquid metal picks up all the detail from the mould and can be laminated to a wide range of materials. This technique can also be used to produce lightweight, metallic surfaces.



At Graphic Relief we design and manufacture surfaces using a variety of different techniques and effects, including photographic detail and relief textures. We use use texture to create light & dark areas, with highlights & shadows which change throughout the day.

The flexibility of our moulding process allows us to work with digital images and manipulate them to create relief moulds and textures.

By developing textures from 2D images we are able to highlight specific aspects  of elements of the design to create a richer overall effect. This approach can be used to create geometric, organic, textile, arabesque, Islamic and contemporary textures.